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Rental Car Services

GPS Tracking – Rental Car/Services

Renting out an asset such as a car, truck or watercraft is a profitable business. However, there are also many risks that are associated with such a business. Rental companies always need a system with which they can monitor their assets in case of theft, misappropriation or even an accident.

Business Needs:

Have you ever had one of your rental assets damaged or stolen and been unable to recover the asset or reimbursement for damages?

Do you want to be able to restrict the rental of your assets based on region?

How do you currently monitor and manage the location or status of your rental assets?

How do you currently monitor and manage the location or status of your rental assets?

Concept: Renting an asset to customers is a risky business. Assets are often damaged, misappropriated, used outside of a permitted area, and even stolen with no way for the company to retrieve it. A GPS platform for rental companies is a great way to ensure the return of assets. Assets can be tracked when stolen, damage locations can also be determined based on tracking data and renters can be immediately alerted when their assets leave a designated region or use within a restricted area.

Solution: On the M2M GPS tracking platform, assets can be added to the system and updated with specific information such as renter name, address, phone number and other contact information. These features and many more allow for rental asset owners to monitor their assets. Owners can even set a geofence to alert them if an asset leaves a designated area.

How: Car rental services need to keep track of their assets. Otherwise, they will lose cars to misappropriation and theft. Installing a GPS tracking device in each rental car for quick recovery can prevent these things. Devices such as the Xirgo XT-2000 or the Cal-Amp LMU-800 can be used to easily track assets. Managers can set up geofences that can alert a user when an asset has moved into or out of a set geofence. These easily applied map settings can limit where a rented vehicle can and can’t go. Devices can also be configured to sense and control door function. Some cars can even be remotely shut off with the help of the M2M platform.