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M2M Global keeps on tracking as leading telemetry solutions provider

Since its inception some three years ago, M2M Global has become the leading provider of telemetry solutions in Puerto ico by constantly breaking through the limits posed by the available technologies with state-of-the-art and intelligent transport solutions that adapt to the requirements of the company’s clients.

“In fact, we represent an evolution in the market through intelligent transportation systems [ITS] tailor-made to the needs and requirements of our clients,” said M2M Global Puerto Rico. “The essential element in this evolution is that our solutions consist of automation of services and processes that were previously carried out manually, such as vehicle maintenance and service orders.”

M2M explained that since ITS is 100% web based, it allows companies and government agencies the benefi t of accessing relevant information in real time from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with wireless capability. This access is possible due to an application created by M2M that adapts to mobile devices, instead of hoping that a mobile device is compatible with an application, which isn’t always the case.

Thus, M2M offers a clearer, more effi cient access experience with the information. In addition, this intelligent system, which mostly operates through notifi cations as well as email and text message alerts, lets clients monitor and track their vehicle fl eets in real time without having to mobilize additional resources. Traditionally this would entail adding an employee to manage technology that was limited to the point that all that could be achieved was tracking a vehicle, its current position and where it had been.

M2M Global offers clients the advantage of a system that works for them 24/7, instead of having to work for a system, M2M said.

M2M Global’s success is also due to the company’s ability and fl exibility to adapt to the most complex systems a client might have, such as the SAP (Systems Applications & Products), and its team of local and global engineers and experts in the fi elds of technology and telecommunications, with more than 15 years of experience to their names.

“This ability is one of the factors that have made us a leader in the market, covering all sorts of economic segments, such as security, telecommunications, transport, food, and distribution of other materials and goods,” M2M said. “Our technology is implemented and used in more than 20,000 units at an international level, and in Puerto Rico we have more than 130 clients,one of which has the largest vehicle fl eet with ITS technology, with more than 1,300 vehicles.”