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Jamming Detection

The use of cellular GSM jammers on carjacking is becoming a major concern for security, insurance and GPS tracking service providers. These devices constitute a treat to safety as they are becoming more popular and affect the normal tracking operation of a fleet. Jammers are used by criminals to defeat commercial recovery systems and law enforcement tracking devices. While Jamming of GSM signals are illegal in most countries, identifying when a jammer is in used is difficult. M2M GPS makes jamming detection safe and easy.

M2M GPS configurable intelligent engine is capable of triggering different actions when these kind of devices are illegally used to impair the normal communication with the servers.

Different actions can be triggered such as:

  • » Remote safe engine turn off
  • » Light emitting signals
  • » Buzzer Activation
  • » Door locking
  • » Trigger hidden cameras

How does it work?

M2M GPS tracking device is capable of analyzing and monitoring accurate cellular radio frequencies to determine if an active jammer device is being used. Once these signals are detected, the M2M’ intelligent reporting event engine can be configured to automatically trigger different pre-configured actions. All generated events while the jammer is active are stored in a local buffer and will then be transmitted with a special tag to identify these critical events.


Proactive actions to anticipate carjacking and prevent loses. Be able to identify zones of high risk.