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Driver ID

There is a distinction between Vehicle’s reports and Driver’s reports.

M2M integration with the 1-Wire® / and Dallas Button® technology provides a solution that allows Fleet Managers & TSP (Tracking Service Providers), to generate reports based on drivers not vehicles only. The driver ID function allows TSPs to track driver’s not just vehicles. Any activity performed by a vehicle during the time a driver was assigned will be associated with that driver for reporting purposes. This is a low cost proven solution, easy to install and deploy.

The Driver ID function allows users to:

  • » Track which driver is currently driving a vehicle
  • » Who was driving on the date a speed ticket was issued
  • » Know who was driving when an aggressive driving alert phone call was received
  • » Record driver’s history by date to have accurate management and control
  • » Assign different privileges according to driver’s group
  • » Restrict the use of a vehicle at non-working hours
  • » Generate reports based on drivers: Idling, speeding, distance, stops, unauthorized movements and reference zones visit.
  • » Create alerts based on driving metrics: Aggressive driving, harsh braking conditions, crash alerts, fuel consumption and RPMs.

How does it work?

A Dallas Button® with unique ID is associated with each driver; the driver is required to use it whenever he uses a company’s vehicle when starting a journey. A Dallas Button reader must be installed in each vehicle’s dashboard, which is wired to the intelligent reporting M2M tracking device. Any predefined alerts can be triggered and ignition access could be blocked for unauthorized drivers or unauthorized hours.


Accountability and identification, drivers become immediately responsible of their actions such as speeding, driving metrics, accidents, traffic violations; providing the necessary evidence to monitor their behavior. Driver ID function is a proven essential management tool for the effective and efficient productivity of your fleet.